Posted on 24 August 2020

Reliability in an uncertain world

The need to move products doesn’t stop when a crisis strikes. We’re proud to provide a continually reliable service, whatever’s happening in the world. 

Pandemic or no pandemic, the need to ship and store bulk liquid products, as sustainably as possible, is a continuous one. Regardless of global and local disruptions. 

This is a responsibility we take very seriously at Stolt Tank Containers. Despite the challenges COVID-19 has thrown at us, and our vendors, we have collectively worked tirelessly to ensure continuity of service and provision of quality expertise, without abandoning our environmental goals. We are proud to remain a reliable partner, through good times and bad. 

Ongoing sustainability

To ensure our sustainability efforts stay on track, we have them independently monitored and benchmarked by EcoVadis. This also provides transparency for customers and the entire supply chain. We currently hold a silver rating, which positions Stolt Tank Containers in the top 10% of assessed suppliers. 

Keeping cleaning clean

In the complex matrix of logistics, every provider needs to look at how they can contribute to a cleaner environment. At Stolt Tank Containers, we acted on the opportunity to improve the way tank containers are cleaned. 

Our depots are equipped with state-of-the-art biological wastewater technology, which drastically reduces the use of chemicals and production of sludge, while resulting in effluents which often exceed legal cleanliness standards. What’s more, because this is so much more energy-efficient than conventional mechanical processes, operational costs are lower too.

Zero single-use plastic waste shipments

Our responsibly-cleaned tank containers also help solve the urgent problem of single-use plastic pollution. Shipping a full load of bulk liquid in a tank container instead of a flexitank saves 40kg of plastic from being used. Check out this video released by the ITCO (International Tank Container Organisation) to learn more. 

Specialist shipping, wherever you need it

Whether shipping foodstuffs, non-edibles, petroleum, gas or difficult-to-handle speciality chemicals, at Stolt Tank Containers we have the facilities, equipment, expertise and permits to move them quickly, reliably and safely around the world. From food grade containers to T50 gas tanks, we’ll provide the right kind of tank containers, modified to whatever specifications are necessary for optimal handling of your product. Thanks to our global network of depots, the specific type of tank container you need is always within convenient reach. 

Always ahead on safety

Reliability starts with ensuring every one of our 40,000-strong tank container fleet is in perfect condition for use. Thorough inspection, testing, cleaning and maintenance is carried out after every use. And when mandatory 2½-year and 5-year tests are due, we remove our tanks from service well ahead of time. This ensures that our tanks are always fit for purpose and comply with both ITCO standards and IMO requirements. Our advanced digital applications continuously monitor the fleet so that we can always meet customers’ needs.

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