Posted on 10 August 2020

Measuring and improving sustainability, with EcoVadis 

Upholding environmental and ethical sustainability, for both people and the planet, is a matter of great importance at Stolt Tank Containers (STC). Not just because we believe in doing the right thing for everybody, but also because sustainable practices lead to lower costs, improved processes and better ability to service our customers.

This is easy enough to say. But what does it mean in a tangible sense? What actions are we taking to safeguard human and labour rights, ensure ethics and minimise environmental damage? And how do our efforts compare within the wider logistics industry, particularly for the transportation of bulk liquid cargoes? 

Independent benchmarking

We’ve been working with EcoVadis since 2014 to independently monitor and benchmark our sustainability efforts. This provides our customers with transparency and us with guidance for making further improvements.  

STC currently holds a Silver rating with EcoVadis, which places us in the top 10% of our peers. This is good news, in terms of where we stand within the industry, but it also means we can do more. Which is exactly what we are doing.

Building a sustainable business

Our parent company, Stolt-Nielsen, recently announced its  sustainability strategy, through which STC will embark on an organised programme of improvements for measuring, planning, acting upon and adjusting the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Social and Governance.

Our focus on building a sustainable business will keep our momentum going across the board, while placing extra effort on environment-related matters where we have the most room for improvement. For example, to mange our emissions, we will develop a more structured way of measuring our carbon footprint. This will include measuring water, electricity, gas/petrol and steam consumption, waste management and employee commutes. Within the supply chain, we’ll be looking at emissions produced by downstream transport and distribution of our tank containers via third-party trucks, barges, carriers, etc. 

We are committed to improving our sustainability performance and aim to reach an EcoVadis Gold rating within the next few years. 


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