Posted on 24 June 2020

ISO tank containers: the environmentally-friendly alternative to flexibags

Increasing consumer demand for environmentally-friendly products, together with legislation to reduce plastic waste, is causing companies to rethink all kinds of production and supply-chain aspects. When it comes to shipping bulk liquids, there’s a substantial difference between using flexibags and ISO tank containers. 

A difference of 40kg of plastic, to be precise. That’s the equivalent of around 7,000 single-use plastic shopping bags per tank load.
While flexibags used to convert standard shipping containers into flexitanks are only suitable for one-time use, ISO tank containers are typically used 100 times over a 20-year lifespan. And after decommissioning, more than 90 percent of the materials that ISO tank containers are made from can be recycled into all kinds of other items.

This absence of plastic waste and re-use of other materials, together with Stolt Tank Containers’ cost-efficient and environmentally-responsible approach to tank container cleaning, makes ISO tank containers by far the most sustainable shipping method for bulk liquids. What’s more, a higher product retrieval ratio from tank containers compared to flexibags means less wastage of shipped product.  

This video released by the ITCO (International Tank Container Organisation) explains how environmental damage from plastic pollution can be reduced by choosing ISO tank containers over flexibags.


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