Posted on 03 June 2020

What happens to depot wastewater? Our environmentally responsible approach to tank container cleaning

While upholding the strictest standards for effluents discharged from our tank container depots, Stolt Tank Containers raises the bar when it comes to environmental responsibility. Our state-of-the-art wastewater technology utilises biological processes to clean wastewater to an even higher degree than stipulated by many municipalities. As well as being kinder to the environment through lower use of chemicals, this enables us to operate more sustainably and with lower costs.

Energy-efficient solution that keeps costs down


Biological cleaning harnesses the actions of bacteria and other microorganisms to degrade both organic and inorganic substances. As well as being highly effective, it results in less sludge being produced. The process is also very efficient compared to more energy-consuming mechanical processes, with lower environmental impact and costs.


Exceeding environmental standards in remote locations 


In addition to complying with regulations for discharges into sewer networks, our biological cleaning system also means we can operate in an environmentally responsible way in locations without sewer connections or not served by wastewater treatment plants. 
The use of membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, which combines conventional biological treatment with physical separation of liquids and solids via membrane filtration, cleans wastewater to a standard whereby it can safely be discharged. In most cases, the water coming out of our MBR systems is of an even higher level of purity than required by environmental agencies. To a point where we sometimes even reuse it in our tank container cleaning process, thereby reducing overall water consumption. 
If required, we also have the ability to take things one step further, as we can purify the effluent to a quality close to the composition of drinking water, by running it through a reversed osmosis (RO) membrane.
Because filtration via membranes eliminates the need for secondary clarifiers, plant area requirements are reduced, which in-turn reduces costs even further. 


Acting responsibly with your cargo


The wastewater treatment systems used at Stolt Tank Containers depots are highly effective for removing every kind of contamination. No matter what (food or chemical) products were inside the tank containers prior to being cleaned, customers never have to worry about their cargo being the source of environmentally damaging effluents. The ability to comply with environmental clean-up regulations after carrying every kind of cargo, anywhere in the world, means we are always perfectly positioned to provide convenient depot services.   


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