Posted on 21 March 2022

The global depot network behind every successful shipment

Successful supply chain management depends on optimal performance at every stage. Including the service and expertise provided at tank container depots and cleaning stations. 

Our tank containers’ journeys over land and sea are often the focus of attention. But behind every shipment, is the thorough care and attention to maintenance and preparation that takes place in our full-service depots. 

Stolt Tank Containers’ global network of 22 state-of-the-art depots and cleaning stations are strategically located in key markets around the world. It’s here that our tank containers are stored, cleaned, maintained, repaired, tested and refurbished in line with stringent international standards and local regulations. With health, safety and wastewater management as key priorities. 

Supply chain solutions for all

The activities carried out at these convenient one-stop-shops, which are also available for servicing and storing customers’ own tank containers, ensure every load is transported in optimally clean and safe conditions. The expertise provided via our global depot network is an essential component in successful supply chain management.   

People power

Stolt Tank Containers invests in the very best technology and equipment. But effective service still comes down to people. Dustin Callaway, Stolt Tank Containers’ Director of Technical services, is immensely proud of the employees who keep everything moving. Especially given the exceptional circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The depots all did an amazing job in 2021. They are staffed by front-line employees who can’t do their jobs from home. No tank can be loaded without undergoing depot services, so these people had to show up on site each and every day. Nothing makes me more proud than hearing about how our employees in Mumbai introduced 24 hour shift to ensure continuity of service, as they would not have been allowed back on site had they left. That’s what I call dedication!”

 “While we are, of course, proud of the number and size of Stolt Tank Containers’ depots around the world, the thing that makes them so special is the quality of people. I am continually amazed how each depot is staffed with such great leaders and dedicated employees. We may be in many different countries, but all our people show the same attitude and dedication. They truly are the driving engine behind our success.” 

Sustainable shipping starts here

Environmental responsibility remains a hot topic for our customers and is, thereby, also a high priority within Stolt Tank Containers’ depot network. Dustin explains: “We are tracking our usage of gas, electricity and diesel, as well as waste disposal, to create baselines for designing plans to reduce each of these in 2022. Our global goal is to have 50% of our energy and utilities coming from renewable sources by 2030.”

Expanding worldwide capacity

Stolt Tank Containers is constantly working to expand its global depot capacity. The current network of 22 depots (9 fully owned by Stolt Tank Containers + 13 JV depots) was recently complemented by a new, wholly-owned depot in Grangemouth, Scotland.

Find out more about Stolt Tank Containers depots around the world

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