Posted on 20 April 2021

Unlimited ability to move your bulk liquids. Wherever you are. Wherever they’re going.

All over the world, Stolt Tank Containers has people, partners, equipment and expertise that gets your products safely to their destination, whatever the challenges.

You’ve done the hard work producing and creating demand for your product. All you need now is a reliable way of getting it from A to B. Not limited by distance, geography, regulations or circumstances. With options for balancing speed, cost and environmental preferences. 

Stolt Tank Containers is here to meet all these needs. Through worldwide capacity which includes multimodal transport, personalised advice, international compliance and expertise in handling even the most sensitive of products. 

And that’s not all. We’re also here to ease your shipment process before, during and after transit, by streamlining administration and even solving unique physical challenges.

Multimodal transport, your way

Sea, road, rail and inland waterways. Via trusted, long-term partners. Complete with personalised advice to determine the best combination for your requirements.

Local knowledge, everywhere

Locally based personnel, in every region around the world, ensure regulatory compliance and good relationships with local authorities and vendors.

Product handling expertise

The knowledge, equipment, practices and permits to safely handle and move every kind of bulk liquid, including sensitive and hazardous products. 

Streamlined administration

Stolt Tank Containers offers leading online solutions for making your shipment-related administration and supply chain management easier, faster and more accurate. From web-based tools to full EDI integration. For instant, 24/7 global convenience.

Expert solutions, tailor-made

Our expertise in designing equipment for the safe handling of even the most sensitive products is available to solve your own on-site challenges.

Your world of opportunity

Wherever you are in the world, wherever your bulk liquids need to get to, Stolt Tank Containers provides complete end-to-end solutions. We take expert care of every shipment. So you can get on with fulfilling demand for the next one! Feel free to contact us to discuss your individual requirements. Send us an email at


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