Posted on 13 April 2021

Tailor-made solutions for end-to-end success

Stolt Tank Containers is here to help solve every challenge related to shipping bulk liquids. Even before your cargo begins its journey. 

Although Stolt Tank Containers’ core business is bulk transport of liquids from A to B, we understand the many specialist processes involved at either end of the journey. Including those which take place within our customers’ on-site operations. As part of our end-to-end service that keeps your business and supply chain management flowing, we’re also happy to step in with additional solutions when needed, working with you to solve complex and unique challenges.

Bridging the gap

A recent example of this is a project we undertook for a client who needed a way of loading highly sensitive raw materials into ISO tank containers for transport. They needed a temporary solution at their site, prior to their plant undergoing a significant upgrade. 

Our expert team achieved this by designing and building a custom-made load rack with a direct connection between the discharge facility and the to-be-loaded ISO container. In principle, a straightforward idea. However, this had to be done within a number of challenging constraints such as the need to load from the side, not being able to use flexible hoses, inflexible loading arms  from the discharge facility and limited loading space, as the tank container needed to remain on the weighbridge at all times.

Every precaution taken

The nature of this client’s product requires very strict measures for ensuring safety and assuring product quality is not impacted. This includes extensive flushing of containers with Nitrogen before  each load, and sampling product quality before/after loading.

After extensive testing and several pilots, the project was completed in just under two years. The technical solution built by Stolt Tank Containers is now being used to successfully load five tank containers per week.

Let us solve your challenges

Stolt Tank Containers is here to ensure every step of your liquid shipment is a success. Please ask us how we can help solve your specific challenges and improve your supply chain management. Send us an email at

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