In today's chemical industry, ensuring the safe transportation of hazardous materials is crucial. Adhering to rigorous safety standards is non-negotiable, especially when transporting high specialty chemicals.

This article explores the critical aspects of safely transporting chemicals, covering essential practices, industry-specific insights, and the role of chemicaltankers and ISO tank containers.

The importance of transporting chemicals safely

Three points are vitally important when it comes to transporting chemicals safely:

1. Robust planning: Transporting chemicals involves inherent risks, but with careful planning and execution, accidents can be minimised.

2. Regulatory compliance: The transportation of hazardous chemicals is governed by strict regulations. Complying with these guidelines is not only a legal requirement but also a moral obligation.

3. Protecting the environment: Safe transportation prevents spills and leaks, reducing the environmental impact of chemical transportation on ecosystems and communities.

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Chemical tank containers: the backbone of chemical transportation

Chemical tank containers are specialised ISO tanks designed to carry bulk chemicals safely and efficiently. Our tank containers are equipped with safety features like:

Pressure Relief Valves to release excess pressure in case it builds up during loading, unloading, or during transport Vapour return valves to avoid any air contamination during the loading and discharge and also to balance the gas-pressure between the storage tank and the ISO tank container.  

 Remote control mechanism to let the operators close the foot valve from a safe distance in case of an emergency 

Thermometers to constantly monitor the temperature of the product inside of the container.

ISO tanks: versatile and secure

ISO tanks, also known as tank containers, are versatile options for chemical transportation. These containers are standardised, secure, and cost-effective. Our ISO containers adhere to international standards, making them suitable for global shipping. They offer a robust and secure means of transporting chemicals without the risk of contamination. ISO containers are also a cost-effective option, especially for short to medium-distance transportation.

To use them safely, we always clearly label the ISO containers with the appropriate hazard symbols and chemical information. We regularly inspect containers for wear and tear and address any issues promptly. Also, we follow precise procedures when loading and unloading chemicals to prevent spills.

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