In an era where sustainability is paramount, the chemical logistics industry has an important part to play. As the demand for environmentally, socially and safe practices grows, Stolt Tank Containers is one of the companies leading the way in sustainably shipping chemical tank containers. In this article, we explore the importance of driving sustainability in chemical logistics and share some strategies for how to do so.

Sustainability with a chemical twist 

To connect sustainability with the chemical industry, we need to consider the unique challenges and opportunities in chemical logistics. Some key points to think about:

Tank container design: ISO tank containers are designed to improve the efficiency of chemical transportation when it comes to the quantity of the product being transported.

Shipping your product in ISO tanks helps to reduce your environmental footprint as they can be cleaned and reused hundreds of times. The risk of product spills and leakage is also reduced due to its impact-tested construction and insulation, and avoiding CO2 emissions generated during transport compared to drums or flexitanks (due to its flexibility in carrying different type of cargoes). The design of iso tank containers also allows its intermodal transportation on long routes which can help to reduce carbon emissions.

STC is seeking discussion with the iso container manufacturers in areas of improvement to benefit further on reducing CO2 emissions or increasing circularity. Please contact us at 

Alternative fuels and modes of transport: Exploring alternative fuels and modes of transport can significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of chemical shipping.

Collaborative efforts: Collaboration within the logistics supply chain will lead to shared sustainability initiatives and best practices and as such to a lesser footprint.

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Stolt Tank Containers' sustainability strategy

Stolt Tank Containers has a clear and comprehensive sustainability strategy. You can explore it in detail in our digital brochure.

This strategy underscores our commitment to reduce our carbon and waste footprint and optimise resource use.  
Transporting chemicals safely with Stolt Tank Containers

Our sustainability strategy goes beyond words. We are actively implementing sustainable practices and reducing our environmental impact. One of the central pillars of Stolt Tank Containers' sustainability strategy is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in particular the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) footprint associated with transportation.

In addition  to promoting the use of alternative fuels (used cooking oil, LNG, biofuel etc.) with our partners, we offer multiple transport options to support our customers with reducing their actual carbon footprint and we help to optimise the ISO tank container routing for the lowest CO2 emission through all modalities.  We also offer Carbon-Insetting as an intermediate solution to reduce emission on the spot. By by optimising the resource use in STC depots and by using intermodal transportation of ISO tank containers, we make the shipping of your products in chemical tank containers safe and more sustainable.

As the chemical industry embraces innovative solutions, the path towards lower carbon shipping is becoming clearer. By choosing sustainable practices, businesses can protect the environment, meet customer expectations, and stay ahead of regulatory requirements.

Learn more about ISO tank containers with our educational videos

 Stolt Tank Containers is transporting chemical bulk liquid safely.

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