Posted on 05 April 2022

Tank containers are safe, clean, most efficient and environmentally conscious bulk liquid shipping solution. Internationally recognised for shipping even the most sensitive or dangerous products.

At first glance, tank containers may appear to be a pretty simple concept for bulk transportation of liquid foodstuffs, speciality chemicals and petrochemicals. But inside, outside and all around these impressive, industrial-scale solutions, is a symphony of engineering.  Every single aspect of tank container design, construction and handling has been meticulously thought through to protect the contents – as well as the people and environment around them. As a result, tank containers are the safest, cleanest, most efficient and environmentally conscious method for shipping liquids in bulk. 

Tank containers are internationally recognised as safe transport choice for foodstuffs and dangerous goods; here’s why they are an all-round winner: 

Physically robust

Stainless steel shells, with isolation and cladding and a solid steel, impact-approved frame, provide a high level of protection that’s certified for the transportation of dangerous goods and foodstuffs, ensuring safety even in the rare, unfortunate event of impact. Safety tests are conducted during every depot visit, as well as periodic regulatory inspections, to ensure the integrity of each tank has not been compromised in any way.

Impeccably clean

The way tank containers are designed and constructed, using stainless steel for the shell and valves, means they are easy to clean and sanitise between every load. This ensures a pristine, contaminant-free environment inside both the tank container and the valves through which they are filled and emptied. Using stainless steel for the shell and valves  is, in fact, the most safe option for transporting food and feed products.

Perfectly controlled temperature

For temperature-sensitive cargoes, dedicated tank containers with sophisticated temperature control systems and improved insulation can be used to maintain optimal conditions at all times. 

Highly cost-efficient

Tank containers are far more efficient and sustainable by volume than drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBC), in terms of capacity, transport and labour costs. Strict protocols during loading and unloading keep product loss during transfer to an absolute minimum. 

Environmentally conscious

Tank containers are reusable, recyclable and can be re-manufactured easily as they  are designed to be reused, again and again, over a lifespan of more than  20 years. Choosing them over a flexibag or flexitank avoids using and disposing of more than 40kg of plastic per load. When cleaning our tanks between loads, Stolt Tank Containers deploys state-of-the-art wastewater technology, incorporating biological processes to minimise discharge of damaging effluents. 

Versatile movers

Tank containers are suitable for transport and storage across all modalities. From sea and inland waterways to road, rail and even air transport.

This is how we do it

At Stolt Tank Containers, we are committed to maximising every advantage that tank containers offer, using our world-class expertise in maintenance, storage, loading, unloading, cleaning, heating and handling our 43,500-strong fleet. That’s why every customer can rest assured their precious cargo will arrive in the same condition as when we took it into our care.   

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