Posted on 24 May 2024

ISO tank containers are designed to preserve cargo quality while upholding the safety of both products and people.

ISO tank containers are one of the safest, cleanest and most dependable solutions for bulk liquid shipments of 17,500 litres or more. 

The robust construction necessary for carrying these large loads (up to 26,000 litres) is complemented with a host of features that minimise wastage and protect the integrity of liquid foodstuffs, chemicals and other products. With safety as a constant consideration. 

Here’s how tank containers are designed to ensure maximum protection in every sense.

Clean, closely-maintained environment

A tank container’s shell and valves are made of high-grade stainless steel. This material is compatible with a wide range of chemicals, and is easy to clean and sanitise between loads. 

A manlid opening on top of the tank allows mechanics to get inside to install cleaning spinners, as well as perform inspections, tests and repairs

Controlled product transfer

Various loading and unloading valves, designed for different operational circumstances, prevent leakage during filling and emptying. This avoids product wastage and any dangers which might come with that. 

In case of an emergency, whereby the foot valve needs to be closed from a distance, a remote-control mechanism enables operators to do this. 

Meanwhile, changing interior pressure is balanced via a safety relief valve which releases excess pressure at any time, and an airline valve through which gases are pumped in to increase pressure when needed. In the case of products for which oxygen exposure must be avoided, nitrogen or other inert gases can be added instead of air. 

Because some liquid products only flow smoothly at warmer temperatures, steam can be fed into the tank container to gently heat its contents to the perfect state for unloading, thereby avoiding waste. 

Other safety features

Even the simplest safety measures can make a vital difference. One of these is the earth connection point every tank container has, to ground it during loading and unloading. This avoids build-up of static electricity which could be very dangerous if discharged in an uncontrolled way.

And, of course, every tank container is clearly marked with its individual safety-related information, so all operators can ensure that it, and its cargo, are appropriately handled. 

Know your tank container!

To find out more about the ISO tank container features designed to protect products and people, see our video. 

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