Posted on 03 January 2022

Stolt Tank Containers continues to build on providing the region’s highest capacity, quality and reliability

For more than four decades, Stolt Tank Containers has been a global beacon of stability, development, safety, financial security and consistency in the bulk liquids shipping industry. In the Asia Pacific region, our consistent ability to meet the commitments we make to our customers is unmatched by any other tank container company. 

Within this most challenging of shipping environments, our unique determination to find solutions to seemingly insurmountable difficulties, by working openly together with our customers, is what sets us apart. And that’s something of which we are very proud! 

Unrivalled capacity and quality

We have greater capacity for loaded storage, product heating, domestic transportation and distribution than any other tank container company in the Asia Pacific region.

Proud to be in this position, we don’t just rely on it to get business. We also take it upon ourselves to consistently deliver the very best possible quality of service, helping our customers grow their business and offer their own customers more solutions. Thereby helping the region thrive.

Responsible growth

Our customers’ success has fuelled our own growth, which puts additional responsibility on our shoulders. As Regional Director Greg Vinson explains, “We have grown dramatically, with customers protected during our expansion from any growth challenges we, ourselves, faced at the time. That’s certainly something to be proud of.

“This pain-free growth has boosted customer confidence in Stolt Tank Containers and fuelled their enthusiasm for what we will offer them next. The fact that customers are continuously asking ‘What else are you working on?’, ‘What’s coming next?’ and ‘How can you help us to serve our customers better?’ tells me they feel we really understand their needs. It’s great to be reassured we are on the right track!” 

The future is digital

One of the factors which has certainly supported growth is the introduction and rapid ongoing development of Stolt Tank Containers’ digital services. Greg confirms these are making a huge difference and believes we are far ahead of competitors in delivering digital value to customers, which is all the more reason to keep the momentum going! “We must continue to be the beacon for our customers and partners to follow in this regard. We must forge ahead and continue to develop our digital services as fast or faster than we already have.”   

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