Posted on 17 February 2020

New Supplier Portal: with our suppliers, for our suppliers

During a well-attended live presentation for our suppliers, we recently introduced a new tool that offers enhanced supply chain management: our brand-new Supplier Portal. We were happy to see that it was received very enthusiastically. After the presentation suppliers suggested several new ideas for the development of extra features. Some of these have already been launched. 

We developed our supplier platform to improve the exchange of information with our suppliers, which is a key factor to the successful execution of our supply chain. Our suppliers are now able to collaborate with us in a more cost-efficient way, while reducing errors and achieving greater transparency.

What is the Supplier Portal?

This easy-to-use self-service tool means that every supplier can find information regarding bookings, invoice status, rates requests and contract agreements in one place. We involved multiple suppliers in the development process to make sure the portal is user-friendly.

How can it help you?

 We developed this platform because we found that many interactions between the stakeholders in our business are still made and recorded manually, which can be very time consuming. While we are investing in providing our customers with several online tools for tracking their shipments, for example, we wanted to create a similar supply chain solution for our suppliers. The aim is to strengthen our relationships and make working together easier. After all, that is what great supply chain management is all about.

Future developments

So far, user feedback has been very positive. Our suppliers value the increased availability of information and the fact that we have the ability to easily adapt the platform to their needs. In the near future we will make additional enhancements and introduce new functionalities in order to lift our level of digital collaboration to an even higher level. With our suppliers, for our suppliers!

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