Posted on 16 November 2020

Connecting in synergy with our new way of life

Remote working is easier than ever thanks to seamless online connectivity with Stolt Tank Containers’ digital infrastructure.

Stolt Tank Containers’ digital infrastructure has long been at the heart of managing delivery of our bulk liquid shipping services. Meanwhile, vast improvements in mobile technology over recent years have dramatically changed how both our employees and our customers live and work. 

It was only ever a matter of time before the two things came together. And we’re delighted that we can now offer a wide range of digital tools which seamlessly connect Stolt Tank Containers with our customers. Wherever any of us are working from. In the office. At home. On the go. Anywhere in the world. 

To facilitate fast and convenient Supply Chain Management, Stolt Tank Containers digital tools now include

Efficient booking and administration 
via supply chain management platforms

Instant shipment visibility
through Track&Trace

Enhanced shipment tracking
via Supply chain visibility platforms

Fully customised connectivity
via EDI Digital Integration

How will improved digital connectivity change your working life? 

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