Posted on 09 November 2020

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Third party integration platforms are a convenient, easy solution for booking shipments and managing administration

To bring ease, efficiency and convenience to arranging and managing your shipments, Stolt Tank Containers is available via supply chain management platforms including INTTRA and Infor Nexus. They cover the booking process from start to finish, including all documentation and tracking information. 

These third-party platforms seamlessly integrate your booking system with ours, so you don’t have to call or email us to explain your needs. Simply enter the details into your own system and, when you’re ready to book your shipment with Stolt Tank Containers, use your chosen platform to transfer it all to us. 

Our system will immediately receive the information exactly as you’ve entered it. Saving you a lot of time, the booking request is confirmed faster and there’s no risk of errors made through additional human communication and data input. 

Simple, effective off-the-shelf solutions

INTTRA, Infor Nexus and other similar integration platforms, which are specifically designed for supply chain management, can be set up within a matter of hours. They provide a high level of connectivity with Stolt Tank Containers, without the time and financial investment of a fully customised system integration via EDI.  

Efficient administration

In addition to automating the booking process, these supply chain management platforms send confirmations and all associated documentation directly to your system. Everything you need is instantly there, where you need it. No waiting. No chasing. No input errors. 

Automated status and ETA updates

Once your Stolt Tank Containers shipment is booked, you’ll receive all the latest status and ETA information directly from us. So you can track your shipment’s progress without having to pick up the phone, and keep your customers updated accordingly. 

Compatible with multiple transport providers

All of the integration platforms which connect with Stolt Tank Containers also serve many other transport providers. Whichever one you choose, you can also use it to book and manage shipments with other companies. A convenient one-stop-shop for booking, administration and tracking, whoever you ship with each time.  

Connect with Stolt Tank Containers

If you are already connected to Inttra or InforNexus simply send them a request to initiate a connection with Stolt Tank Containers.

Alternatively for more information regarding EDI connection with Stolt Tank Containers send us an email to or contact your Stolt Business Representative.


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