Posted on 11 May 2020

Shipping industrial gas: Stolt Tank Containers has it covered

Shipping gas is a specialist operation which requires highly suitable equipment and appropriate expertise. Stolt Tank Containers has the full range of facilities, know-how and experience to move gases quickly, reliably and safely around the world.  

Whether transporting Ammonia, LPG, Butane, Butadiene or Dimethylamine, or gases used in refrigerants, aerosols, fuels, solvents, heating, water treatment and other applications, we’ll take good care of your sensitive cargo with our easy-to-work-with service.

Tailor-made gas transportation

Equipped with state-of-the-art accessories, our young fleet of T50 gas tanks can be adapted to accommodate your individual requirements. Whether that means using a zinc lining, specific hose connections or baffles, suitable alterations can easily be made at any of our global network of depots, so the right tank container specification for your gas shipment is always within convenient reach. 

Reliable convenience

Designed for international transport of gas, and with relevant permits for use in the USA, our highly robust bulk tank containers are all built according to the latest standards. Their new condition results in low maintenance costs and minimal downtime. Which means more availability where and when you need it.

Experienced service

Thanks to Stolt Tank Containers’ extensive in-house expertise, your gasses are handled with the full care and attention they need, tailored to each specific product. And our 35 years of experience and dedication to customer service adds up to a smooth operation that easily adapts to meet your requirements.  

Whatever gas product you’re transporting, wherever it needs to travel, Stolt Tank Containers will provide the right conditions for it to arrive in optimal quality, via the most efficient process.


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