Posted on 08 February 2021

Integrated invoicing improves speed and accuracy of financial administration and freight auditing

Customers who connect with Stolt Tank Containers via EDI can benefit from automated invoice processing, which seamlessly integrates with other related administration

Processing inbound invoices, and all the data they contain, is a lot of work. Especially when it involves manually entering details into various different systems for payment and freight auditing. As part of our industry-leading commitment to helping our customers achieve greater success, Stolt Tank Containers offers integrated invoicing via EDI.

If you have set up EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) between your system and ours, you can benefit from integrated invoicing alongside all the other convenience this provides. 

Reduced effort, increased accuracy

Instead of manually opening post or emails and entering the information into your system(s), taking time and risking errors along the way, you can let the whole process happen automatically. Via EDI, invoices from Stolt Tank Containers are submitted directly into your ERP system. From there, you can automate everything connected with each invoice, from processing payment to updating your freight audit records.

Clear understanding and consistency

Relevant standards and specifications are agreed when setting up invoice integration. This results in clear understanding of the data, in a way which is consistent throughout your administration.

If required, Stolt Tank Containers can complement integrated invoicing with PDFs of invoices and supporting documents, so you also have all your information presented in a convenient, accessible format.

Instant, seamless administration

EDI offers an ideal solution for customers who want to improve supply chain management through faster, more accurate processing of information. EDI enables different IT systems to automatically exchange all relevant information, in real-time, all the way through the logistics cycle. From placing bookings, to receiving shipment status updates to processing invoices. 

Ask us how

EDI is just one of Stolt Tank Containers’ digital services that makes booking shipments and supply chain management faster, easier, more accurate and cost-efficient. To find out more about implementing EDI or any of our other supply chain solutions, please send us an email at   

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