Posted on 29 October 2020

Stolt Tank Containers pursues the highest standards in quality, safety and sustainability. Our sustainable innovations are implemented through staff training and compliance with a broad range of policies and regulations, ensuring positive outcomes for people and the planet, while providing the best service to customers.

Our focus on building a sustainable business will keep our momentum going across the board, while placing extra effort on environment-related matters where we have the most room for improvement. We are currently developing a more structured way of measuring our carbon footprint. This will include measuring water, electricity, gas/petrol and steam consumption, waste management and employee commutes. Within the supply chain, we’ll be looking at emissions produced by downstream transport and distribution of our tank containers via third-party trucks, barges, carriers, etc.

We are committed to operating in a sustainable manner by focusing on the following fundamentals to drive us forward:

• Providing the easiest, fastest and most flexible customer experience
• Abiding by our commitment to safety of zero harm
• Attracting and retaining high quality, motivated people and developing jobs into careers for all our staff
• Fostering a culture of innovation that sets us apart from the competition and which we constantly strive to improve
• Constantly reinvest in our businesses, assets and people for long-term growth
• Continuously pursue the reduction of the environmental impact of our businesses
• Continually developing initiatives that will ensure the long-term future of STC and the environment in which we operate.

Read our full sustainability policy below


Purpose of the Sustainability Policy

To outline our approach to becoming a more sustainable company every day. We will constantly draw upon the fundamentals that drive us forward:  
  • Provide the easiest, fastest, and most flexible customer experience
  • Attract and retain high quality, motivated people and develop jobs into careers for all our staff
  • Foster a culture of innovation that sets us apart from our competition and constantly strives to improve
  • Constantly reinvest in our businesses, assets, and people for long-term growth
  • Relentless pursue the reduction of the environmental impact of our businesses
  • Abide by our safety commitment of zero harm
  • Continually develop initiatives that will ensure the long-term future of STC and the environment in which we operate.  
This policy provides a framework for STC to meet its collective objectives and is applicable to all STC employees, contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders to work together in achieving our sustainability goals.

Core sustainability principles

This policy is aligned with the Stolt-Nielsen Limited sustainability objectives and is supplemented by a specific set of core sustainability principles outlined below:

Health and safety

Health and safety have the highest priority in all STC’s activities. We will:

  • Identify potential risks and take measures to avoid, prevent, control, and limit them to create a safe working environment
  • Maintain and enhance a proactive safety culture. To continuously improve all activities with a focus on safety
  • Conduct our business in line with the highest safety standards and best practices
  • Commit to zero harm to our people and the environment

Our people

STC’s Going Further strategy is built around our goal to provide the easiest, fastest, and most flexible customer experience. Our people are an integral part of that vision. We will:

  • Value them and treat them with respect
  • Promote equal opportunities and diversity in all activities
  • Provide a safe and rewarding environment for all our employees
  • Attract and retain qualified, motivated, and high-performing employees
  • Encourage and support our people to share their ideas on how STC can continuously innovate and improve

Protecting the environment

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint. We will:

  • Responsibly handle our customers’ products under our care
  • Use resources efficiently
  • Reduce our energy and water consumption
  • Reduce harmful emissions and minimise the disposal of waste to landfill
  • Explore new and/or alternative processes and technologies to reduce our impact on the environment

Sustainable business

STC’s financial objective is to deliver - profitable growth. We will:

  • Deliver on the growth targets of our strategy whilst promoting sustainability
  • Improve our business by offering the highest quality service to our customers
  • Be the tank container and logistics company of choice
  • Explore new business opportunities with sustainable futures
  • Reduce STC’s and our customers’ supply chain carbon footprints
  • Promote awareness in our industry of our collective responsibilities to the environment

Social responsibility

STC will ensure good corporate governance including strong ethics, fairness, accountability, responsibility, and transparency.

  • We support and adhere to internationally proclaimed human rights and support diversity in the workplace  
  • We will take measures to comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and company policies, behave with integrity, avoid conflicts of interest, bribery, and corruption

Sustainability is an important part of STC’s overall mission. We will regularly conduct internal and external audits, maintain safety and quality management systems, monitor our key performance indicators. Delivering on our commitments keeps us accountable to our sustainability responsibilities.


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