Posted on 24 April 2020

Bulk liquid tanks: the smart, immediate storage solution in an uncertain world. 

Supply chain disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis is leading to difficulties in finding storage for bulk liquid foodstuffs and chemicals. Uncertainties around product demand and transport capacity mean many producers and manufacturers are experiencing build-ups of inbound feedstock and/or outbound (finished) products, for which they don’t have sufficient storage capacity.

In order for production to continue, so goods can be released as soon as supply chain blockages ease, these stocks need to be safely stored in a way that perfectly maintains quality. Because bulk tank containers are already designed for this, they provide the perfect temporary solution.

Stolt Tank Containers’ portable ISO tanks can be provided at short notice to solve urgent storage needs, anywhere in the world. Our food grade and chemical tank containers can be loaded and stored at producers’ or purchasers’ own sites, or taken to any of our many depots.
We’re on standby to transport and/or unload these 25,000 litre tank containers as and when needed, thereby providing a flexible buffer in uncertain times.

Because we are experts in handling a very wide range of liquid foodstuffs and chemicals, we’re easily able to tailor this emergency storage solution to every customers’ individual needs.

Ask us how we can help your operation continue to deliver on its commitments. Please contact us at

Worldwide, Stolt Tank Containers has one billion litres of portable storage capacity. So there’s no need to let overstock halt production!

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