Posted on 21 February 2022

Proud to base our North America Documentation department in Colombia

Making the most of a loyal, highly-educated, service-oriented workforce.

As a global organisation, Stolt Tank Containers benefits from having access to a global workforce. This means we can base our departments and tasks wherever local skills and culture are best suited to the work. 

We are always looking for ways to improve our service, and in 2021 an internal survey revealed that our Colombian office, and its employees, has the best combination of attributes for generating shipping documentation. This is a task that requires good attention to details, high organisation and communication skills, and sense of urgency among other abilities. This ensures we can issue documents in a timely and accurate manner to our customers to support their import and export processes. 

Perfectly suited to the job

Korina Patiño, Operations Manager, now proudly heads up the Stolt Tank Containers North America documentation department, in Bogota, Colombia’s capital. “People here are highly-educated and have very good English language skills. In Colombia, we also have a very service-oriented culture and sense of loyalty. Staff turnover is low, which means the specific knowledge about how to handle Stolt Tank Containers’ North America shipping documentation, which can only be acquired on-the-job, is retained. And that’s hugely beneficial for our customers. 

“We’re in the fortunate position of having people who don’t just take great pride in delivering satisfaction, but also have the education and skills to handle the particular demands of this task.

“Add to that, Colombia’s close geographical proximity to North America and compatible time-zone, and you have the perfect solution. I am personally very proud to oversee this essential part of Stolt Tank Containers’ service.” 

A carefully selected team

The Stolt Tank Containers North America documentation team is currently made up of seven people in Colombia and one person in the US. In line with our company policy, members are selected based on several criteria: professional history (e.g. International Businesses Administrators, Industrial Engineers and Business Administrators), industry experience (international logistics companies, freight forwarders, ports and shipping lines), bilingual capabilities (English/Spanish is a must), and other important skills such as customer service attitude, commitment to responsibilities, interpersonal relations and communication capabilities.

Doing an excellent job

Having taken on responsibility for documentation in March 2021, the Stolt Tank Containers North America documentation team has proudly delivered on, and even exceeded expectations. They are successfully processing documentation for an average 400 tanks per week (exporting worldwide from the US), with almost zero Letter Of Indemnity (LOI) requests, and have received excellent feedback on their performance both from customers and from within our organisation.

Korina concludes, “One year ago, the North America Documentation Team built a vision: to be globally recognised for our excellence, professionalism and high-quality customer service. The quality of work, achievements, and commitment to Stolt Tank Containers shown since then means we are realising this vision.”

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