Posted on 15 February 2021

Meet Ai Zhen, Regional Operations Innovation Manager at Stolt Tank Containers

Based in Singapore, Ai Zhen is a driving force behind many of the technological innovations which are putting Stolt Tank Containers ahead of the competition.

Ai Zhen is a Regional Operations Innovation Manager based in Singapore. She has worked at Stolt Tank Containers for 14 years and says she was originally attracted to the company because of its family-oriented culture which enables professional development while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Keen to expand on her existing supply chain management knowledge at a specialised leading company, Ai Zhen was first employed as an Operation Coordinator for import and export.

“I was lucky to be given opportunities to be involved in different projects over the years, and this has given me the chance to step up to the new challenges of my current role. I love the fact we are never restricted in our learning. There are always opportunities for us to explore and learn from different departments.”

Achieving breakthroughs together

Like so many of her colleagues, Ai Zhen particularly enjoys the extensive interaction she has with them, and the diversity of their backgrounds and characters.

“I like spending time with different project teams where we work together to brainstorm, analyse, improvise and implement new ideas and processes. It’s always exciting when we succeed in overcoming different challenges and are able to attain the efficiencies we set out to achieve. But nothing beats the fun and laughter we always have together. Play Hard, Work Harder!”

Stolt Tank Container expert

Driving the technological innovations that keep Stolt Tank Containers out in front 

Due to her role in innovation, Ai Zhen is constantly challenged to keep pace with technological changes and identify the opportunities they bring for improving efficiency throughout Stolt Tank Containers. At a time when huge waves of technology innovation are sweeping across many different industries, she feels the world of logistics and supply chains has more to gain than any other. 

“My role is to ensure Stolt Tank Containers continues to strive for improvements, to make the most of our fast-changing world of digitisation and innovation. An example of this is a project I’m currently working on with our IT team, in which we are developing a BoLMA ( Bill of Lading Management Application) for our vendors to use via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).”

BoLMA is a new solution for submitting shipping instructions electronically, invented by Stolt Tank Containers. It is the latest functionality being developed to revolutionise speed and accuracy through digital integration, whereby customers and vendors connect their systems directly to those of Stolt Tank Containers. 

EDI, the method used for digital integration, takes human involvement out of the instruction transfer equation. Information flows significantly faster and errors are eliminated. Switching Stolt bills of lading to BoLMA will mean carriers automatically receive shipping instructions electronically. So they can work more efficiently, which ultimately benefits both them and Stolt Tank Containers’ customers.

Making the human connection count

Ai Zhen finds it very satisfying that her work directly translates into business benefits for all. She communicates frequently with customers and vendors, which gives her a valuable understanding of their needs and honest feedback on her proposals. “This enables me to think of ways to change or implement different processes, to provide them with even better service.”

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